Posted by: naanofyourbusiness | July 10, 2010

Stalker In A Strange Land

OMG! Is That A Brown Person in China? Can I get my picture with her!?

Ok y’all, It’s official. I have, or rather had, my first stalker in China.  He’s not the guy pictured above.  That guy asked to take his picture with me while I was at the World Expo, and he wasn’t the first.  I’ve discovered that being brown, or of Indian decent if you prefer, in China makes me stand out.  Since I’ve been here, Chinese people, young and old, have stopped me and asked to pose in photographs with me.  I think it’s extremely weird but flattering; however, I didn’t even realize this phenomena until I met my first stalker.

I say stalker because he was following me for 15 minutes taking photographs of me, ironically enough, while I was looking at photographs at the 2010 Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibit Opening Ceremony.  At first, I thought he was just taking pictures of the photos because well, it seems everyone there was using their very professional looking cameras to take pictures of amazing pictures (see below)

I suppose he'll crop the photo, frame it, and then tell his friends what an amazing photographer he is.

ppl. taking pictures of pictures!

Ok, I took a picture of a picture too, but seriously, when will I ever convince a panda to pose for a picture while on homemade stilts?!

Anyway, back to the stalker, to check if he was truly following me, I zig-zagged and walked back to photos I had already seen.  He stuck to me like white on rice!  Finally, I walked over to my parents and pointed him out.  He was right behind me and proceeded to take pictures of me with my parents.  I went with it.  If he was going to take pictures of the three of us he might as well do it with my camera too.

Is it weird to ask the guy stalking you to pose for a picture with your mom?

As you can see, I also had him pose with my mother, but before he’d take pictures with my camera he took more with his…oh well.  At least he finally stopped stalking me.



  1. Haha, white on rice!!! More like white sticky rice on basmati rice. Hmmm, I think I’m getting hungry….

  2. They think you’re Mindy Kaling!!!

  3. Tali, I’m glad you said that because I was trying to make a joke like that but couldn’t phrase it right! Ori, sadly, I don’t think they get “The Office in China. I bet they just like curry…

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